We fall into habits quickly enough.
Stepping out of your comfort zone can be surprisingly liberating.
Living with diabetes doesn’t need to ruin your life. It offers an excuse to shake things up. Here are a few tips to start you off.
And we’ll keep bringing you more.

A white or grey ring around the cornea, is a sign
that your bad cholesterol is high.

Fortunately, increasing HDL cholesterol - which
reduces your bad cholesterol - can mitigate the risk.
These tips will help improve your good cholesterol.
And we'll keep bringing you more.

High blood sugar poses many risks -
and tooth decay is one.

Fortunately, regular dental cleanings and following
your dentist's instructions can dramatically reduce
the effects. These tips should help you keep your teeth
bright and sparkling. And we'll keep bringing you more.

Sugar comes in many forms. And high carbohydrate foods are one.

For many, diabetes means cutting out the sweets. But, controlling glucose requires more. Specifically, understanding which foods send your blood sugar up. Potato products are one. Here are links to a few others. And we’ll keep bringing you more.

It's no wonder that the inventors of the remote actually called it 'Lazy Bones'.

And while Lazy Bones keeps us glued to the sofa, our triglyceride levels go up. Fortunately, small things, like getting up to change the channel or walking for ten minutes, can bring them back down. Here are a few tips to help you get moving. And we'll keep bringing you more.

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