Vitamin Check Up

Did you know, even with India being a tropical country, a majority suffers from a deficiency of Vitamin D, the sunlight Vitamin? If you constantly feel tired or fatigued, rule out a vitamin deficiency by taking a vitamin deficiency test online.

A Vitamin health check up includes a Vitamin b12 package and Vitamin D health package. Other than a vitamin b12 test and a Vitamin D test, get tested for adequate calcium and iron and folic acid which is Vitamin B6.
A Vitamin Check up must include Liver, Bone and Cholesterol and Kidney tests to detect and nip problems at the bud!


• If you are unusually tired every evening, off your usual good humour, irritable or breathless, get yourself checked for a vitamin deficiency.

• If you have physical symptoms like skin spots and excessive hair fall, get yourself checked today.