We are on a mission to simplify healthcare for
100 million Indians

Where we started?

It all started with a bad health checkup. 11 years ago our founders were disappointed by the experience at a healthcare facility and started the Healthi journey to simplify healthcare for urban India.

Over the years, we have helped organisations offer great healthcare experience to their employees and their families. We built upon our technology to help users assess and understand their health status better. Almost 70% of our users with an undiagnosed condition, learned about it through us. As COVID-19 took over, we delivered vaccination to more than 100,000 employees across our client teams. With a 78 NPS, Healthi is a partner of choice for ~600 organisations across the country catering to more than 1Mn families.

We have learnt a lot through our journey. Over the years something that stood out to us was the financial aspect of healthcare. We understood the various inefficiencies and difficulties that exist in the way we pay for our healthcare, and how that plays a big role in the quality and timeliness of healthcare accessed by your employees and their dependents. This is where we found our next challenge.

So what is Healthi doing new?

Healthi now lets your employees pay for their (and their dependents’) healthcare expenses directly using the benefits you provide them. Simply put, we help your employees make the most of the money that's theirs to use. So, employees don't spend a rupee out of their pocket and also don't have to go through a painful reimbursement process.

What are we really solving and why does it matter?

Every year a large portion of primary healthcare benefits offered by employers and insurance firms remain un-utilised due to painful processes and limited network of providers. These healthcare services could have helped millions live healthier lives, but instead are wasted. Healthi stops this wastage.

We work with you to convert your benefits into simple, easy to use programs. So your employee could go to any doctor, lab, or pharmacy and still pay using their benefits. When it comes to health, expenses should be the last thing your employees should be stressed about and Healthi is your steadfast partner in delivering that.

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