Executive Health Check Up

The stress of work and the inability to have work-life balance is leading to an alarming increase in health related issues among the working community.

With executive screening packages, you can detect and take corrective action ahead of time to avoid serious health setbacks. The executive health checkup package includes kidney profile, lipid profile and liver profile. There is also a physical evaluation done to check BP, pulse, height, weight and wait-to-hip ratio. This package includes imaging tests such as X-rays and ECG as well.


• Any executive at a workplace – people of all ages can be affected by work stress
• Companies who want to take care of the well-being of their employees

Avail executive health checkup packages to get a detailed report of your health!

Get an executive health check up done to ensure that your body is fit and buoyant! In the wake of modern lifestyles, it is imperative that we all take care of our health with more dedication. We... ...Read more