Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how Svasth Life Private Limited, (“We” or “Us”) collects and processes Personal Data (as defined below) about the users (“You”) in connection with Your access of this website (“Site”) use of the Services on this website (“Site”). Your use of the Site and Services is subject to this his Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of use []. You will be required to carefully read before you register for or access the Services. Capitalised terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions. By accessing the Site and/or registering for and/or accessing the Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.


      1.1. If Your access to the Service is partially or fully paid for by Your employer, insurance broker, insurance company etc., (“Third Party Payer”) or Your Family member, We may need to confirm that the Third Party Payer or Your family member has authorised You to do so before You may access the Services. In this regard, You will be required to identify Yourself by registering for the Services on the Site and providing Us with Your name, e-mail address, age, phone number, government ID proof, health history, etc. (“Personal Data”) and other information necessary to identify You and validate Your authorisation. Once Your identity and authorization are confirmed, You will be able to use the Services.

      2. medical tests, consultations and related services

        As a part of the Services We render, We may collect Your lab test results, diet charts, prescriptions and consultation notes directly from the Provider that provided the Service to You on Our behalf. In addition, You will also have the opportunity to enter certain Your diagnostics results, as may be made available by Us on the Site, for You to update, directly on to the Site. By using the Services, you expressly hereby provide us with irrevocable and unequivocal consent and permission to collect Your lab test results for the purpose of providing You the Services.


          If You elect to complete the health assessment available on the Site, to enable Us to provide You with assessment results that are relevant to You, We will require more information about you including Your lifestyle, quality of Your sleep, Your activity levels, Your diet and nutrition, Your stress levels, etc.

          4. FEEDBACK

            We will also collect information about Your opinions in connection with any feedback You provide to Us about the Services, and surveys or polls that You may be required to take and complete on the Site.

            5. OTHER COLLECTIONS

              5.1. We may use "cookies" from time to time to deliver personalized content and functionality specific to Your interests. A cookie is a piece of data created by a web server that is stored on Your computer. The cookies created by Our web servers contain data that uniquely identifies You each time You use the Site and/ or Services. You have the option of setting Your browser software to disable cookies or to warn You before accepting a cookie from our Site and Service.

              5.2. However, if You disable or choose not to accept cookies you may not have access to certain areas or functionality of our Services that require this type of identification. The Services are only available to individuals who are 18 (eighteen) years and above or to parent and legal guardians of minors. As such, We do not collect any information directly from minors in connection with the Services. The parent or legal guardian of the minor shall be responsible for all information provided in respect of the Services and for the compliance with this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.


                6.1. In addition to the purposes noted above, the information You provide us relating to Your profile and use of the Services may be used to:

                • tailor the Service to Your stated preferences;
                • bring to Your attention editorial content, functions and features, services, programs and information that may be of interest to You;
                • send e-mails to your e-mail address relating to technical support or to encourage and support Your goal of achieving better health and well-being;
                • contact You if we need to resolve support issues;
                • conduct polls and surveys, which helps Us better understand the needs and interests of all users of the Services;
                • help Us develop new features and services
                • bring to Your attention product or service offerings from Us and Providers that may be of interest to You;
                • generate anonymized and aggregated statistical data relating to all users of the Service; and
                • contact You to request permission to use feedback You provided for user testimonials and quotes on our products.

                  7.1. We do not share your Personal Data with anyone, including your family member or Third Party Payer (in case the Services are paid by such family member or Third Party Payer), third party marketers, unless in one of the following situations:
                  a. Your Third Party Payer is an insurer who requires your Health check reports as a proof of your participation in the program
                  b. Your employer is sponsoring your pre-employment health check and requires your Personal Data to assess your fitness for employment
                  c. You have specifically authorized Us to share your data with the Third Party

                  Your Personal Data is shared between Us and the Provider that provided those medical tests, consultations and related services to you as part of the Service. Your Third Party Payer or family member will not have access to Your Personal Data stored on Our systems.

                  7.2. However, notwithstanding anything stated in this Privacy Policy, if your Third Party Payer or family member requires the results of Your diagnostics tests and / or assessments, You shall have deemed to have been informed of such requirement prior to undertaking the tests and/or assessments and You authorize Us to share Your Personal Data, including Your results with such Third Party Payer or family member. You acknowledge and agree that We do not take any responsibility to verify if You have specifically authorized the Third Party Payer or family member to view Your Personal Data and the results. If You expressly refuse to share Your Personal Data with the Third Party Payer, Your Personal Data will not be disclosed to such Third Party Payer but You may be restricted from using the Services as per the policy of the Third Party Payer.

                  7.3. We will ensure that Your Personal Data is securely stored on servers which are controlled and managed by Us and hosted by a reputed hosting service providers in their secure facilities. Your Personal Data may be mirrored in international cloud server locations for fault tolerance and resilience. The hosting service provider is not authorised to access Your data except as, and only to the extent, necessary to maintain the server environment.

                  7.4. We aggregate all of the data We obtain from You for statistical analysis and research purposes. Aggregated and anonymized data may be used by Us or provided to the Third Party Payer or other parties to enable them to track trends and identify or develop products and services that might be of interest to various groups. This aggregated data cannot be used to identify You as an individual.

                  7.5. You agree and acknowledge that Your Personal Data will be disclosed to the extent as required under the following circumstances: (a) under applicable law, (b) if ordered or required to do so by a court or enforcement authority, or (c) to ensure that We are in compliance with Our legal obligations. You expressly consent to the disclosures mentioned in this Para 7.5 and We will not be required to obtain Your consent prior to making disclosures in accordance with this Para.


                    8.1. We will take all reasonable steps to protect Your Personal Data from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised or unlawful access, malicious use, modification and/ or disclosures. The Site and Services are hosted within a secure infrastructure to ensure additional protection and prevent access by unauthorised parties. We use encryption for data and server security and access authentication. We also provide encryption services to ensure all information You transmit to us across the Internet is protected from being viewed by any third party. You will be required to create an account with a password on Your first visit to the Site and use of the Services, ensuring You have a unique identification and a private password.

                    8.2. Your Personal Data will be secure and protected in accordance with the provisions of the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000, the rules, regulations, guidelines and clarifications framed there under, including the (Indian) Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 and the (Indian) Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 (the “IG Rules”).

                    8.3. Please note, however, that We shall not be responsible and liable for security issues generated by the equipment You use to access the Service, or certain circumstances beyond Our reasonable control such as hacker attacks, denial of service attacks, the effect of viruses orother harmful or malicious programs or vandalism of services. Furthermore, We note that We have no way of controlling the security of any electronic or non-electronic communication, made to You. We are also not liable in the event You access any third party websites mentioned on the Site for your convenience. You expressly agree that You will be bound by the terms of the privacy policy of the third party website and We shall not be liable for any information which You share with the third party.


                      We only retain your Personal Data for as long as is required by applicable law or as necessary to provide You with the Services, whichever is later. In the event You wish to stop using the Service, You will notify Us and subject to applicable law, We will delete Your Personal Data from Our system. We will continue to keep any aggregated data that does not identify You as an individual, which may have been originally compiled based in part on information that You provided when using the Services.


                        As the accuracy of your Personal Data is vital to the provision of the Service, We provide You with the ability to view and amend Your Personal Data on the Site. It is Your responsibility to keep your information up-to-date.


                          If You should require any further information or want to enquire about your data then please contact our Privacy Officer by writing to As the Services is provided by Us in India, Your Personal Data will be processed in accordance the privacy standards according to prevailing laws in India.

                          12. REVISIONS TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY

                            We reserve the right to revise the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. Whenever a change is made, We will post it on the Site and notify You of the change the next time You log in to use the Services. You will be provided with a link to the revised Privacy Policy and asked to provide Your consent to the revised Privacy Policy before continuing to access the Services and/ or the Site. Any access to the Site and/or the Services will be subject to Your consent to being bound by this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

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